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Principal's Message

Welcome to Holy Cross Catholic Primary School, Helensburgh.

Our school acknowledges the traditional Aboriginal landowners and extends respect to past, present and future local Elders.

Holy Cross Catholic Primary School was founded in 1900 by the Sisters of St Joseph. Our traditions, values and beliefs are inspired by the charism of St Mary of the Cross MacKillop and the Sisters of St Joseph. Read more About Us.

We are a systemic parish school in the Catholic Education Diocese of Wollongong who exist to create vibrant school communities where every student finds meaning and purpose in their life through experiencing continual growth in faith and improvement in learning.


What We Offer

Holy Cross is a wonderfully warm, caring and supportive school, grounded in the welcoming community of the Holy Cross Catholic Parish. In partnership we provide an education that opens the hearts of children to the presence of God in this community and in our daily lives. We do this by coming to know Jesus Christ and his teachings. We also celebrate our faith in action through the example and values of Mary Mackillop. 

Holy Cross has an outstanding reputation for establishing high expectations and achieving excellent academic growth and results. We provide quality education through excellence in learning and teaching with a strong focus on wellbeing.  See What We Offer.

Our vision and mission informs our commitment to providing quality Catholic education, for our students to be learning to learn, live and love. We strive to enable every student to find meaning and purpose through continual growth and improvement in their faith, learning, and wellbeing.

Our commitment is embedded in our provision of quality Catholic and quality education woven together to form students who, as graduates, are seen to be inspired by and live out their faith in word and action, are curious and passionate learners with a growth mindset, are compassionate, caring and involved young leaders who can make a difference in their world, and who possess a positive and balanced sense of wellbeing. 

We provide quality Catholic education, through our commitment to creating, what Pope Francis calls, a ‘community of missionary disciples’ – a mission culture – where all of us, students, parents, staff and parish, understand that service and care for others will make present God’s kingdom of love, justice, mercy and reconciliation.

We provide quality Catholic education through our Wellbeing and Pastoral Care programs, the quality of our relationships and most importantly the emphasis we place on making our faith relevant to our students. Student wellbeing is an important factor in learning and our dedicated staff build positive relationships with their students and families within a happy, caring, engaging and innovative learning environment. Our commitment to our Catholic faith underpins everything we do and we work in partnership with families and our parish to deepen the faith life of our students.

We provide quality education at Holy Cross through our commitment to student learning growth and equipping students to be creative, connected and engaged learners in our rapidly changing world.  We provide a quality curriculum that considers and caters for the diverse learning needs of all children, including gifted learners, and provides opportunities for all to excel. Our many spiritual, academic, sporting, creative and pastoral programs support students to develop their full potential spiritually, academically, physically, emotionally and socially. Find out more about our Learning and Teaching.

We empower our students to experience authentic voice, choice and agency, encourage them to explore the many co-curricular opportunities available to them, and to see themselves as leaders, both in their classrooms and in the broader school community through a variety of initiatives and opportunities. These may include environmental teams, choir, dance, coding, student interest clubs, as well as many representative sports, artistic and academic challenges. 

Our teaching and support staff are highly skilled and passionate professionals who are incredibly committed to ensuring that every student receives the best possible opportunities to reach their full potential.

Our parents are deeply invested in our school, and support all aspects of school life, underpinning our strong and inclusive community,  working in partnership with us to develop confident, capable and caring citizens of our world.

The time your child will spend in primary school is a significant period in their life and the life of your family. I am deeply honoured and privileged to be leading and serving in this very special community of Holy Cross, and I warmly welcome and invite you to experience our difference, and join us on our learning journey as we work in partnership with you to provide the best learning opportunities for your child.

May the Peace of Christ be with you,



Ready to Enrol?

Interested in enrolling at Holy Cross? We'd love to welcome you to our school!